Wakeboard Prices

Single session


£18 per session for under 18's

£22 per session for adults


Learn to Board


Consists of 2 sessions to learn the basics of wakeboarding

£32 for under 18's

£40 for adults


Day Passes


For those who have travelled and made a special trip, or if you just want to hang out for the day.

This consists of 3 sessions

£40 for under 18's

£50 for adults

additional sets are £10


Bulk buy


For the holidaymaker, or more frequent rider, we offer a discounted set of rides if you buy packages upfront.


5 Rides:   Child £75 / Adult £90


10 Rides:   Child £120 / Adult £160


25 Rides:   Child £250 / Adult £325


Annual membership


For those who are totally hooked!

Up to 4 wakeboard sessions per week.

2 of which can be taken on a weekend.

From Easter to November.

Included in price are wakeboard, helmet, and bouyancy aid.


Child.   £550


Adult   £725


Extra Sessions £10 each.



This session consists of 15 minutes riding time on the water, fully instructed by our staff. You will need, however, to allow more time than your booked session to allow for warm-up, safety briefing, and instruction if it's your first time at our park. Whatever your level, the session will be tailored to your needs.

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