An overhead cable pulls you along with the help of a handle. Cable wakeboarding is similar to skateboarding and snowboarding, but on water where an overhead cable pulls you along. Every wakeboard session comes with professional coaching from some of the UK's best Wakeboarders. All of our coaches are BWSW accredited and licensed and there to  provide you with the highest level of coaching.

We have a brand new 5 tower cable for 2020, which is a new and improved version. With easy starts and corners this makes it one of the nicest cables in the country with can have up to 30 people an hour riding together.  We also have 2 Sesitec system 2 cables to pull you along. This is the most innovative way to wakeboard seeing the quickest progression out of all the types, with the highest success rate of standing up. We highly recommend learning to wakeboard first on the system 2 and then progress onto the full size cable after a lesson on here.


To book a Wakeboard session you need to phone 07956009047

Full Size Cable


Band new for 2020 we're add a 5 tower cable to our facility to further enhance the wakeboard experience provided, which will open in May. This will be the newest and most advanced cable in the country providing a whole new dimension of wakeboarding facilities to our site.


The 5 tower cable is for people who have wakeboarded before and for kneeboarders. You can also go for your very first time here, but we do recommend taking our learn to wakeboard package first to make the most of your first time wakeboarding.


The cable is over 500 meters long and can take 7 people on the water at any one time. There are 14 obstacles in the lake for riders to use as well as the first land pool gap in the country on a Full Size Cable.


Sessions  Person Wetsuit Hire Obstacle Board  Pro Board
1 Hour £25 £2 £3 £10
2 Hours  £35 £2 £3 £10
Day Pass  £50 £2 £3 £10
Week Pass £160 £2 £3 £10 per day
Membership  £720/£550 £2 £3 £10 per day

All our sessions have lifejacket helmet and learner wakebaords provided with no extra cost, along with tuition will always be given on the dock by our professional coaches who all love to help out and want you to have the most out of your day

Unfortunately we are not offering day passes or week passes at the moment due to restrictions

System 2.0


We have 2 straight line cables to learn and progress your wakeboarding on. These are situated in their own separate lakes for the most perfect conditions to learn. With a more advanced one with 4 features to learn to kicker and rail tricks on and the other perfect to get you up and going or to learn your first air tricks.


Straight line cables are the best and quickest way to learn to wakeboard and with our coaching we aim to get you up to the highest level we can on them. All of these sessions come with 1 to 1 tuition with all wakeboard kit included.


Sessions  Adult Child Wetsuit  Board Upgrade
1 £20 £18 £2 £3
2 £36 £32 £2 £3
Day Pass (3) £48 £40 £2 £3
5 Rides  £84 £75 £2 £3
10 Rides  £150 £120 £2 £3
25 Rides £325 £250 £2 £3

Learn to Wakeboard


Our aim is to provide everyone with the best wakeboarding experience we can so you enjoy it as much as we do. This package is designed to get you up ad riding in the quickest and best possible way.


This starts with a complete dry land lesson giving you all the hints and tips to start and inform you of what to expect. Then we will go to the straight line cable where you will have a 1 to 1 lesson in a private lake to stand up and get the feel of wakeboarding. Following that we will move to the full size cable where we start of kneeboarding to get the feel of the pull and how to get around the corners, once you have got that we will go to wakeboarding around the full size cable.



Groups and parties


Party food

We offer party food for larger groups of a hot dog chips and squash for £3.50 per person. There is also the option of bring packed lunches which can be eaten outside where there is undercover and tables


We can cater for all types of parties from 6th birthdays and youth sports club days out all the way to hen and stag do's and even weddings. We have several different ways in which they can run a day out at the lake. We have many different ways in which we can tailor your party for us, so give us a call on 07956009047 to get the perfect day.


If your group want to partake in every activity we offer a wakeboard session, aquapark session and a ringo ride for £30 for under 18's

£35 for adults


We are a BWSW accredited cable wakeboard park

We pride ourselves on having experienced and fully qualified coaches ready to teach and perfect your riding

All of our coaches wakeboard or wakeskate to a very high level and therefore able to assist everyone who comes to us



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